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Poster: William Tell Date: Jun 6, 2011 4:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Grateful Dead Channel on Serius?

Well, for me, having gone from 74-82, I would say that by 82 I didn't really care for the sound, and don't ever listen to any 80s or 90s not so much for "bad memories", but just not caring for the transformation with the band, the scene, everything. When I was going in the 70s I defn enjoyed myself, but as I often have expressed it, it wasn't the absolute perfection to suit my expectations (totally ON me of course) as it didn't sound like what I wanted it to sound like (69, 70 & 71 style). I could see things had changed, and yet I never would've said "hey, the DEAD suck now, just like Airplane became Starship, and suck" (the latter was what I said after seeing them a few times in the mid to late 70s).

As I've said many times, it wasn't til I arrived here, ~ 5 yrs ago, bought all the releases of early era stuff, etc, etc., that I became a complete fanatic about the early era. Though I can listen to a Peggy-O or Crazy Fingers from a show I attended and have fond memories, I just find that there are 100s of other shows I'd prefer to listen to from prior yrs.

Last, like CLIFF, I do love to debate the "objective" (grin) aspects of the evolution, and whether this or that era, taste aside, can be somehow defined as lacking in some sense relative to another. I know I am in a minority in this regard, but I do believe there are tangible, measurable means by which someone can say "yeah, this is worse, this is better" once we agree on a few starting points (assumptions). I also understand that people will still like what they like, sometimes for reasons that aren't amenable to my anal retentive analytical approach.

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Poster: wisconsindead Date: Jun 6, 2011 5:07pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Grateful Dead Channel on Serius?

Awesome that you feel that way. About the objectivity that is. I feel there is a lot to it and i wish i knew the starting grounds on which such a discussion could be held. I just dont know how you go about analyzing critically what the differences are and what makes what better. There is most certainly objectivity in all of this.

I guess i feel ya on no liking where the dead were going, but how in gods name did ya fall off the bus in 82?!?! I never saw the boys so any year missed by a fan is like what is wrong with you!!!! lmao.